Children, adults can play on large, inflatable objects

Parents seeking to entertain their children or at least tucker them out before an afternoon nap will enjoy World of Bounce in Grove City.

Located inside a warehouse in an industrial area six miles southwest of downtown Columbus, the 12,000-square-foot space contains two rooms filled with inflatable play equipment. The large, air-filed objects are made of strong rubber and plastic and are like the ones found at carnivals or summertime birthday parties.

World of Bounce is a great place for kids to romp when it’s cold or raining. Children ages 2 and older can jump, climb, slide and play on the inflatables. Adults can play too, if they’re so inclined.

The space is open to the public during open bounce periods and rentable for private parties. My family of four visited during a Friday “open bounce session” from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. We were told it was more crowded than normal because a nearby school had the day off. Despite the extra children, it wasn’t overly busy.

With tax, we paid $7.47 for our two-year-old daughter, Rosie, to play for three hours. Adults are allowed to accompany their children for free. Guests are asked to sign a waiver reqlinquishing World of Bounce from injury liability. It also grants its staff permission to perform First Aid. The waiver is available online.

Rosie and I took off our shoes and stored them, along with our coats, in a designated space. I followed Rosie into the bounce area, where we climbed up a ladder inside one of the inflatable toys and came down a modest slide. It was great being able to play alongside my daughter instead of just watching her have fun.

World of Bounce’s friendly staff, called “bouncers,” also keep a watchful eye on children, making sure they take turns going up and down slides and don’t overcrowd bounce areas.

I liked that I didn’t hear any annoying whistles or loud music blaring throughout the space. I hope it stays this way.

The space is thoughtfully designed. It contains two large bounce areas and two party rooms, each with a big, inflatable birthday chair. Wedged between the bounce areas is a room where parents and guardians can hang out and view children through large picture windows. It contains a big-screen television and eight tables with chairs. Several adults were working on their computers while their children bounced.

World of Bounce is neat and clean, and it has spacious bathrooms. There are hand sanitizers mounted at entryways into the bounce area and drinking fountains with step stools for children.

World of Bounce is located at 1649 Gateway Circle. For directions and information on open play times and party rates, refer to the company’s Web site. The cost is $9 per child and $6 per sibling. Adults can play for free when accompanying a child. Discounts are available for groups of 10 and larger and for those who frequent the facility often.

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