Uncover a waterfall at downtown Dublin park

There’s a small, hidden park with a waterfall in the middle of historic downtown Dublin.

I didn’t know about it until recently, and I wonder how many people do.

Indian Run Falls makes a perfect picnic spot, photo op or place to skip rocks, concealed from the businesses along High and Bridge streets in Old Dublin.

Once the stomping grounds of Native Americans in the area, the park features walking trails, picnic shelters and observation decks overlooking a gorge and stream with a series of cascades.

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One entrance to the park is near the Dublin Library at 75 N. High St. My children and I, though, entered via a parking lot at 700 Shawan Falls Dr.

We walked along a dirt path, passing a field of wildflowers, to an observation deck. It was tough to see the waterfalls from atop the gorge because of the trees, so we descended a staircase to the creek below.

There were no signs telling you to stay out of the water, but common sense says it’s probably a good idea. Wearing water shoes, my son walked in the shallow stream, venturing farther than I wanted him to go. Not knowing where the stream led, I jumped into the water wearing my tennis shoes and went after him. This was by far the most exciting part of this adventure! I quickly retrieved him and held his hand from then on.

Otherwise, this park is low-key, best kept as a secret. So, shhh.

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