Smell flowers, wade in a stream, walk a labyrinth

The Gardens at Gantz Farm is more than a pretty space to look at flowers. The Grove City park also is a learning grounds for thoughtful landscaping, a natural play place for curious kids wanting to turn over rocks in a stream, and a fine spot for contemplating life as you twist and turn through a brick-paved labyrinth.

Plus, it’s got a good playground.

  • The Gardens at Gantz Farm in Grove City is more than a pretty space to look at flowers.
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But, like its name implies, Gantz is first a garden. Visitors can pick up a brochure and take a self-guided tour through the gardens, situated alongside a historic farmhouse. Plant species are categorized by usage: cooking, floral arranging, producing natural dyes, making medicines, landscaping and even their pollution-fighting abilities.

My kids, though, were mostly interested in walking the labyrinth. Unlike a maze, the path of a labyrinth has one entrance that leads to its center with no dead-ends. I was delighted to see how much my children enjoyed this ancient, meditative activity.

Rosie and Max also joined other children in a nearby stream. Those, who didn’t join the fun, sat on the grassy embankment and watched others partake in another simple pleasure – flipping over stones in search of snails and crayfish.

The Gardens at Gantz Farm is located at 2255 Home Rd., Grove City. For more information, call 614-871-6323 or visit

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