Miner 49er: Indoor, miniature-golf course detours rainy-day doldrums

Indoor miniature golf course detours rainy-day doldrums

If there’s one thing you can count on in Ohio, it’s rain. And finding an uncrowded, indoor facility for family fun on a rainy Saturday can be challenging. Fortunately, though, we struck it rich when we discovered Miner 49er in Grandview.

We found the indoor, miniature-golf course – with an Old West mining-town theme – while searching the Internet for something to do. The 18-hole, black-lit course opened in spring 2015 and filled a void for family-friendly establishments in the area. It’s open year-round and nearly all hours of the day.

We also learned that the indoor course is connected to another golf-related business called Caddy’s Delight. Here, golf enthusiasts can play virtual golf at one of three stations that allow players an opportunity to swing their clubs at dozens of popular courses around the world.

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We decided to concentrate on the miniature-golf course on this outing. The businesses are housed in a windowless building that doesn’t scream “family fun” from the street. Only their respective names inform you that you’ve arrived at the proper place.

Inside it’s dark so the black light effect works. Pop music blares to ratchet up the kid-friendly quotient (if not the adult-friendly quotient). You can tell a lot of time and thought went into the course design. Hand-painted murals adorn the walls and add a realistic, three-dimensional effect. And the course, built of plywood, is cleverly constructed and laid out to fill two rooms.

But if I have one pick axe to grind with Miner 49er, it’s the cost. We paid $32 for two adults and two kids to play a round of golf, which seemed a bit steep considering two of our players ran through the course in 15 minutes.

Determined to get our money’s worth, Mike and I took our time playing each hole – even playing each one a second time to perfect our strokes.

A couple of other families arrived during play, but we never felt rushed to finish. The experience can be slowed down even more by ordering house-made food – including vegetarian options – from the menu or a local craft beer. Prices are higher than it seems like they should be, however.

Miner 49er is located at 1158 W. Third Ave., Columbus. For more information, call 614-725-4219 or visit www.miner49erminigolf.com.

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