Blendon Woods Natural Playground: Creative play encouraged in forested nook of Metro Park

Creative play encouraged in forested nook of Metro Park

The best places to play are those where you can use your imagination, as we did during a recent visit to the Natural Playground, a 10-acre space at Blendon Woods Metro Park in Westerville.

As we climbed on a net amid trees, we pretended to cling to a spider’s web, hot lava bubbling beneath our feet. We then scurried across a log bridge as angry trolls threw mud pies at us. Later, we hopped on a hillside zip line, narrowly escaping the clenches of a make-believe forest beast.

There are intentionally no posted rules or regulations at the Natural Playground to hinder creative play. If you want to leap from a vine while pounding your chest like Tarzan, go for it. There’s a vine for doing just that.

There’s also a teeter totter made out of two hunks of wood, a pile of limbs for building forts and fairy houses and a train made of logs.

The park opened in May 2017, inspired by the bond between a little girl named Maris and her dad, Tim, who’d frequented Blendon Woods. Tim Zugaro died in a car accident in 2016. Tim’s wife, Michele, contributed donations from his funeral to build the play area.

Memories of Tim abound, including a couple of wooden posts that read Tim’s Teeter and Zugaro Zip.

The space is delightfully unstructured, a place where kids are encouraged to get off the trodden path to play in the dirt and climb trees.

Learn more about Blendon Woods.

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