Give into a kid-crazy idea this summer

If you’re like us, you’ve been sitting at home for months with nowhere to go during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Sure, you probably had to get your kids through school, becoming intimately familiar with the scientific method, ancient Greek civilization or how to calculate the volume of a pyramid.

Now that school’s out, you might be spending more time with your kids than expected, as many summer camps and other activities have been put on hold or severely curtailed.

Your summer task is to get your kids off their electronic devices and outside in the fresh air. With that in mind, we thought we’d post a variety of ideas that give into the creative minds of children and keep your families socially distanced and physically active during this summer of uncertainty.

As an example, we let our kids fill their trampoline with ice cubes just to see what would happen. The result? Squeals of laughter and more creative ideas, such as adding dish soap to make a slip-and-slide, and an underneath water feature via the garden hose.

Thankfully, no one was hurt with these shenanigans, but it did get us thinking differently about what constitutes a family adventure. Sometimes you don’t need to leave your own back yard to have an epic time.

On second thought, this just might end up being the most adventuresome summer after all.

Stay tuned for more kid-inspired adventures!