Indoor Play Sweet Adventure

See how buckeye candies are made at candy company Bang. Hiss. Bang. Hiss. Noise making doesn’t conjure images of creamy peanut butter and chocolate buckeye candies. But those sounds resonate at the Anthony-Thomas Candy Co. factory on the west side of Columbus, where the 57-year-old company makes batches of 160,000 of the delectable treats at a time. Gloved workers at…


Perkins Observatory

Delaware Indoor Play

View moon, planets, stars at public viewings When I was a little girl, my dad often encouraged me to look up at the nighttime sky. Using his U.S. Navy-issued binoculars, he’d point out constellations, such as the Big Dipper and Orion. Dad also taught me about the phases of the moon and how a lunar eclipse is formed. Learning about…


Candle Lab

Indoor Play Worthington

Concoct a customized scent I perused the names of more than 120 candle fragrances at The Candle Lab in the Columbus suburb of Worthington: “Georgia Peach,” “Snickerdoodle,” “Tomato Leaf.” My goal: to choose two perfect fragrances that represented my husband and three-month-old son, and thus create the perfect candle. The Candle Lab, with three central Ohio locations in Worthington, Grandview…


North Market

Downtown Columbus Family Favorite Indoor Play Sweet Adventure

Meet, eat, mingle at popular market in downtown Columbus The North Market in downtown Columbus is a feast for the senses. Located at 59 Spruce St., near the Greater Columbus Convention Center, the market features 35 vendors selling a cornucopia of food-related items in a 44,000 square-foot space. The goodies include homegrown fruits and vegetables, kosher meats, fresh fish, European…


Krema Nut

Family Favorite Grandview Indoor Play Sweet Adventure

Satisfy your PB&J craving at small nut company A peanut butter and jelly sandwich seems to taste better when somebody else makes it. You can find one of the best around central Ohio at the Krema Nut Co. in the Columbus suburb of Grandview Heights. “Welcome to the Nut House,” reads a sign outside Krema Nut, a peanut-butter manufacturer and…