Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl

Road Trip Zanesville

Tasty treats served in true 1950s fashion My family often visits St. Clairsville, Ohio, my husband’s hometown two hours east of Columbus. We like to break up the drive by stopping halfway in Zanesville to visit Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl. The restaurant, at 532 McIntire Ave., features ice cream that’s freshly made on the premises. Tom’s also sells an assortment…



Indoor Play Sweet Adventure

See how buckeye candies are made at candy company Bang. Hiss. Bang. Hiss. Noise making doesn’t conjure images of creamy peanut butter and chocolate buckeye candies. But those sounds resonate at the Anthony-Thomas Candy Co. factory on the west side of Columbus, where the 57-year-old company makes batches of 160,000 of the delectable treats at a time. Gloved workers at…


Perkins Observatory

Delaware Indoor Play

View moon, planets, stars at public viewings When I was a little girl, my dad often encouraged me to look up at the nighttime sky. Using his U.S. Navy-issued binoculars, he’d point out constellations, such as the Big Dipper and Orion. Dad also taught me about the phases of the moon and how a lunar eclipse is formed. Learning about…


Slate Run

Animals Canal Winchester Family Favorite Free Outdoor Play

Historical farm presents past perfectly As a child, I’d often watch my mother slaughter chickens. She’d select a rooster from the flock, swing it around to get it dizzy and chop off its head with an ax. After she soaked the body in warm water to loosen the feathers, she’d pluck them out one by one. She’d then cut up…


Richland Carrousel Park

Mansfield Road Trip

Ride an old-fashioned roundabout in downtown Mansfield To a child, the only thrill greater than seeing an old-fashioned carousel is climbing aboard one of its shiny, majestic creatures. One of the best places for children of all ages to do just that in Ohio is in Mansfield, 45 minutes north of Columbus. The city pays homage to the amusement-park ride…


Chadwick Arboretum

Free Outdoor Play

Identify plants, walk labyrinth at learning gardens on OSU’s main campus The Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens on the Ohio State University campus is a neat, little place to take the kids for quick lesson on plant identification or just to snap a cute picture in front of some colorful flowers. The arboretum offers an ever-changing showcase of annuals, perennials…



Marion Road Trip

From a popcorn museum to a mysterious revolving ball, Marion has it all With the annual Marion Popcorn Festival arriving in mid-September, it’s a great time to uncover a few kernels of truth about this central Ohio city. Let’s start with our bearings: Marion is about 45 miles north of Columbus. That makes it close enough for a quick day…



McConnelsville Road Trip

Discover historic opera house, charming museums an hour east of Columbus Sometimes the little towns you intend to drive through along the way to somewhere else surprise you the most with their hospitality and curiosities. We found this to be the case with McConnelsville, located an hour and a half east of Columbus. I’m not quite sure where we were…